LED Lighting Installations
in Milton Keynes

LED lighting offers you ultimate control to set that perfect atmosphere. What’s better than the perfect atmosphere? Lying there knowing that you’ve achieved this perfect atmosphere at minimal cost and more importantly, minimal running costs.

Lighting control systems

The power could be in your hands with lighting control from AC Electrical (MK) Ltd. With one of our systems, you can adjust the lights to your desired setting from your phone, tablet or remote, creating the perfect ambiance for your cosy night in with the family. With several options to choose from, your lights will work for you.

Why LEDs?

  • Long-lasting
  • High luminous efficacy with low running costs
  • Ultimate control

What lighting can AC Electrical (MK) Ltd offer me?

We offer a range of clusters suitable for both wall lights and ceiling lights. Regardless of where you want to locate them, we can fit them with ease, using any pre-installed cabling. By simply using a small, hidden transformer, you could have LED lighting in your home or workplace faster than it takes your older energy saving lightbulbs to turn on! Call us now to discuss your new lighting!

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